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Park Nutri Services (PNS) delivers nutrition services , nutrious diet plans for all diseases, nutrition awareness and education and nutritious food is go to consume, exactly like your own card you care. 

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A Natural way of improving your health.
Balance Body & Mind

The association between the brain and weight is complicate.

Balance Body & Mind

The association between the brain and weight is involute.

Physical Activity

Walking, running, dancing, swimming, yoga are a few physical activities.

Fitness & Performance

We’re here to help you overcome the barriers in your fitness and extraordinary performance.

Education and Trainings

We educate the Nutrition professions through different programs like (trainings, workshops, internships, short courses, seminars and webinars).

Exercise Program

You have to know which exercises are useful for which disease and thines the specific part of body.

Healthy Daily Life

People are most productive when they wake up, and settings their healthy meal planning.

Community awareness programs

We perform the Nutrition awareness programs to aware the people by awareness camps, Schools Nutrition Camps, Media Campaign , Door to door Campaigns.


We opt the stylish trainers and fitness experts from across the homeland to manufacture positive you master the most individualized wellness heed you earn between those croaker stays.

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Problems & Retorts

Apply these paragraphs to concentrate on the content in the caption. manufacture clear you observe it low-lying and seductive.

A hearty eating design is one that provides suitably of each necessary nutrient from nutrient- thick viands, contains a diversity of victuals from all of the essential bread clots. This eating design caps input of informed oversupply, sugar, swab( sodium) and alcohol.

Recommended by Dr. Muhammad Farhan Shabbir from Shafay cardiac Clinic

Inscribed Dietitian Nutritionists( RDN) are wellness professionals who are seasoned to give comforting on nutrition and eating tricks. An RDN can give substantiated salutary counsel holding into reflection your wellness story, life, and vittles likes and aversions.

Maters who partake an unhealthful diet during gestation may exist laying their kids at threat of evolving elongate stint, unrecoverable wellness children containing rotundity, looked situations of cholesterol and house sugar, checking to substitute inquiries.

Milk is the stylish origin of biologically attainable calcium. Though it’s feasible to catch the conditions for utmost of the nutrients through a right diet, expecting/ lactating females are counseled to hold diurnal rises of iron, folic acid,

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