School Nutrition Assessment Program

School Nutrition Assessment Program

This school program provides an offer for esteemed organizations to uplift the standard of education as well as co-curricular activities by better nutrition of students under the supervision of expert nutritionists for the best mental and physical growth. A diversified plan of work which will lead towards healthy lifestyle to all of your school students, their parents and teaching staff through effective assessment, planning, implementation and follow up strategies. Professional and experienced nutritionists found more beneficial for community as they guide to choose best nutrition food, balanced diet, boost up immunity, cope-up with different diseases thus leading to minimizing the disease burden and maximizing the output both mentally as well as physically. Some major problems due to improper nutrition are reduction of intellectual performance, great economic losses, mental retardation, improper growth, leaves burden due to diseases and affect negatively to the proper social development. Prevalence of malnutrition remained high in Pakistan over the decades with wider urban – rural and regional disparities. Almost 40.2 % children under five years of age show stunted growth (low height) having the third highest percentage of stunted children in the world (9.6 million children); wasting(low weight) ratio is 17.7% among children of same group; 28.9 % are underweight and 9.5% are overweight. 56.6% girls of adolescent age are anemic in Pakistan Now, COVID-19 has created the biggest disastrous effects on the children’s health. To enhance their immunity and protect their lives by creating awareness about SOP’s and immunity booster foods as a demand of time. Doubtlessly, our children are our bright future; their lives and education are extremely valuable for us. For this purpose we have launched a “School Nutrition Assessment Program”, in which we are providing complete nutritional assessments, immunity boaster recipes and diet plan with the awareness of SOP’s among hard working students and respectable teachers

Features & Outcomes of School Nutrition Assessment Program (SNAP):

1. Parents and staff awareness seminars
2. Hands on practice of safe and balance diet planning
3. Nutritional assessment of students & teaching faculty in which following test will be performed
a. Weight
b. Height
c. Ideal Body Weight
d. Body Mass Index
e. Head
f. Waist
g. Neck
h. Body Temperature
i. Pulse Rate
j. Respiratory Rate
k. Body
l. Muscle Mass
m. Body
n. Bone Mass
o. Body
p. Obesity Level
q. Body age
r. Lean Body Mass
s. Dietary History
t. Energy Need
u. Metabolism
v. Body Visceral Fat
w. Family disease
x. Child’s disease
y. 24 hour recall
z. Diet plan
aa. Counselling
4. Specialized formula diet plans for immunity boost up, height increment & mental growth
5. Disease assessments and diet plans with respect specific diseases
6. Nutrition care program (school canteen guidance plan)
7. All students record keeping (all health parameters)
8. Counseling for better nutrition, better health & better future
9. Lunch boxes services for specified category
10. Healthy diet plans for weight loss, weight gain and other physical parameters
Outcomes of better nutrition and safe food program as per World Health Organization (WHO)
 Reduces disease burden in children more than 90% by immunity boost up
 Learning capability of people increases many times by better nutrition
 Growth with respect to height increase effectively (stunting problem major)
 Perfect physical growth leads to complete sportsman
 Various deficiencies can only be fulfilled by better nutrition (Vit. A, Fe, Ca etc.)
 More than 18% family economical losses can be minimized by better nutrition
 Student ratio of absentees due to illness (fever etc.) can be minimized by improving their health
 This SNAP Program will enhance the school reputation due to health concern for their students.
 This Program fulfills the government demands of providing health profile of students in all private
& government sectors.

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