To improve the quality of life and health standards of the peoples of Pakistan by providing nutrition counseling and rehabilitation services at the doorstep.


Application of Fundamental principles of nutrition in daily life to ensure higher standards of lives among people of all ages beyond genders, socioeconomics, regional, ethnic and religious classification.


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who we are?

Pak Nutri Services (PNS) is a registered nutrition consultancy organization established in 2017 in Multan Pakistan. Pak Nutri services are launched with the aim to provide nutrition counseling to people of different ages, gender, and groups. Pak Nutri Services has a team with the expertise to conduct public health nutrition promotion programs in institutes & community settings. 

In the last two years, Pak Nutri Services has organized more than 30 seminars, workshops, and training sessions alongside conducting mass awareness camps in Multan.  Furthermost, Pak Nutri Services has an onboard highly qualified panel of nutrition experts that can be reached 24/7 for nutritional counseling in disease management more particularly for obesity, diabetes , hypertension, bone disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and food sensitivities and trauma patient care.

Our Participation

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that customers will get by our company.

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Pak Nutri Services is engaged in building healthier future generations through Good Nutrition. We empower families with a good nutritious diet to secure healthier and prosperous life, and to become active and productive citizens of Pakistan. We empower and support school nutrition professionals in advancing the accessibility, quality, and integrity of school nutrition programs.

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