Nutrition programs in Multan for Pakistani scholars.

Nutrition programs in Multan for Pakistani scholars.

Food and Nutrition is a rising clearing in Pakistan. In this composition, you will learn to pore around Nutrition programs in Multan for Pakistani scholars.

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Scope of Nutrition in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, after completing your four-year degree you have to pass the Registered Dietician test, After passing that test you can work in a hospital as a clinical nutritionist/dietician. Being a nutritionist is a very responsible profession. A nutritionist suggests healthy food, creates diet plans for clients, and provides them with guidance based on their medical needs. Many universities all over the country are offering nutrition courses. Here we are going to discuss Nutrition Courses in Multan For Pakistani Students.

Nutrition Courses in Multan for Pakistani Students:

Here is a list of some great colleges and universities that are offering Nutrition Courses in Multan for Pakistani Students.

1-Multan College of Food & Nutrition Sciences, Multan (MCFN):

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Multan College of Food & Nutrition Sciences, Multan (MCFN), was founded to produce graduates in Food & Nutrition Sciences in Pakistan by international standards. B.Sc (Hons) Food & Nutrition is a 4-year degree program offered by the Institute. The College has a cutting-edge Nutrition Department and a highly skilled faculty of food and nutrition. By improving the knowledge and abilities to work as professionals, the college will significantly contribute to the advancement of the food and nutrition sciences professions.

 2-Multan (MNSUAM):pic 1545927680

The Department of Food Science and Technology lives demonstrated in 2014 at Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan.

The major focus of the department is the utilization of basic principles of food science and technology for the processing and preservation of food commodities to meet the challenges of the massive population and the quick-raising chuck sedulity in the homeland.

MNSUAM is offering a 4 years BS (Hons) program in nutrition and food sciences. They claim that their faculty members are highly trained and educated about nutrition and half of the faculty members are from Nishtar University to guide and teach the students

3-Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU):1265685 jobsinbahauddinzakariyauniversitymultanxx 1481923319

Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) is a well-known university in south Punjab. The Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition is working well for the training of new admissions in nutrition. The department is also working on a larger scale and helping the Punjab Food Authority by providing highly educated volunteers to check food safety and security. This University is also offering a four-year nutrition specialization and food sciences programs.

4-Nishtar Medical College:Nishtar 1

Nishtar Medical College is situated in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. One of the earliest medical installations to live erected succeeding Pakistan’s founding. It provides degree programs in nursing, allied health sciences, medicine, and dentistry. This college is offering a four-year BS (Hons) program in nutrition. It is one of the best institutes in Multan, even in the whole of Punjab.

5-PNS (Pak Nutri Services ):

PNS is a Nutrition Rehabilitation and Consultancy Organization that provides many different courses and internship opportunities to new students studying nutrition. It is one of the best nutrition course centers in Multan which teaches its students via practicals. It offers a three to four-month course in which they provide complete guidance to their students and encourage them to do their best.

6-Islamic International Institute of Sciences, Multan:

Islamic International Institute of Sciences is also offering a four-year BS program in nutrition.

The Islamic International Institute of Sciences (Multan) is an educational institution based in Multan, Pakistan. It’s often referred to as the “International Islamic University Multan” or “IIUM.” This university is well-known for its academic programs in various fields, particularly Islamic studies and related disciplines.

Here are some key points about the Islamic International Institute of Sciences (Multan) or International Islamic University Multan (IIUM):

  1. Location: The university is located in Multan.
  2. Academic Programs: IIUM offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in various fields, including Islamic studies, Shariah and law, engineering, computer science, management sciences, social sciences, and more.
  3. International Outlook: As the name suggests, the university emphasizes an international perspective in its academic programs and often attracts students from various countries.
  4. Research and Publications: IIUM encourages research and scholarly activities, and it has produced numerous publications and research papers in various academic disciplines.
  5. Islamic Character: The university maintains an Islamic character and follows Islamic principles in its administration and academic activities.
  6. Campus Facilities: IIUI has a modern campus with various facilities, including libraries, research centers, computer labs, and sports facilities.

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